Trumpington Gallery Trumpington Gallery

Anti-Corona Secure Lobby

Jonathan Miles June 2020

We have built a fully enclosed half glazed on three sides Corona Secure Lobby within our Conservation Room with client access from the main door.

You will arrive in the usual way via the courtyard car park then walk through the open garden gate and through the Conservation Room door into the Lobby closing its door behind you.

You are now in a secure area with an antiviral hand sanitiser dispenser to your right.  Once you are within the Lobby with the door closed, I shall enter the main room and converse with you offering our usual services as we always have, but in safe isolation.

When ready to depart you will leave in the same way in which you arrived.  Surfaces will be cleaned within the Lobby with an antibacterial wash after each appointment which will be two hours apart.

Please telephone for further information or an appointment.

"I am very impressed with the changes Trumpington Gallery have made to enable them to continue to serve their clients in a safe way during the global pandemic. The new glass viewing box is very easy to use, made me feel very safe and had no negative impacts on my ability to discuss framing options with Jonathan. I can highly recommend it." - Miss L.D.

"What a fantastic idea to construct a special viewing room for your customers so that both they and yourself could feel safe meeting you during the pandemic. My wife and I could see and hear you clearly and felt totally comfortable enclosed as we were behind glass. It was not at all claustrophobic and worked really well." - Mt J.G.